Home Brew Sanitation Kit

Everything you need in one package!  TLC to do the heavy lifting, NBD for general purpose parts cleaning and soaking, and LSR to finish up, leaving your gear sparkling and sanitary.

Two 1 lb jars TLC, 1 qrt LSR, 1 qrt NBD


Set Up For Success

Having clean equipment not only ensures a safe product but gives you complete control over the flavor of your beer. We offer industrial-level clean to home brewers like you with solutions that won’t harm your home. Produce a consistent beer every time with products designed with you in mind!

Easy to Use

Our products are easy to use, and we offer the resources you need so you are never questioning if you are using them correctly.


Your safety is a top priority. We provide the resources you need to ensure you will always know how to use our products safely.


An industrial-level clean that will keep your beer sparkling and foamy.


We sell direct to you. From the lab to your home, we keep clean easy and affordable.

Product Highlights:


  • Non-corrosive with the performance of a caustic cleaner
  • Skin contact safe
  • Gentle on rubber seals and gaskets
  • Safe on soft metals
  • Effective at removing organic soils such as fats, greases, proteins, and yeast
  • Effective at a wide temperature range


  • Effective for brightening stainless steel
  • Excellent at removing scale and other inorganic soils
  • Can be used in circulation cleaning, soak parts and foam for scale removal on equipment exteriors
  • Effectively removes malodors and flavors from equipment
  • Great for keg washing
  • Good for hot or cold water
  • Squeeze and pour packaging makes measuring and mixing solution easy


  • Safe on skin
  • Safe on rubber seals and gaskets
  • Can be used as a foaming cleaner or foaming booster additive in acid or alkaline solutions
  • Effective at removing greases, oils and other organic soils
  • Effective in canning and bottling equipment
  • Safe on all water-safe surfaces
  • Economical concentrated formula
  • Safe for use on food contact surfaces (requires rinse)
  • Great for cleaning growlers, glasses and kegs
  • Squeeze and pour packaging makes measuring and mixing solution easy
Additional Information

TLC SDS Sheet                  read here

LSR SDS Sheet                 read here

NBD SDS Sheet               read here

Purchase Individually


Tank & Line Cleaner

A non-caustic Clean in Place (CIP) cleaner specially formulated for use in removing soils commonly found in brewing equipment.


Last Step Rinse

A detergent rinse effective for kegs, draft lines and parts soaking. This powerful formula is designed to keep your equipment sanitary. 


Neutral Brewer’s Detergent

A unique and versatile product that can be used everywhere from soaking equipment to foaming applications. 

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