Last Step Rinse

LSR is an acid anionic formula for rinsing kegs, draft lines, brewing tanks, and lines. This product helps eliminate odors and flavors while leaving equipment fresh and sanitary.

Brew Your Best Beer.

No-Rinse Formula

LSR can be left to dry on your brewing equipment without the hassle of rinsing, leaving your equipment bright and shiny.


Great for use on many surfaces including kegs, fermenters, carboys, kettles, brewing systems, chillers, and heat exchangers. It can even be used to brighten stainless steel!

Easy to Use

Comes in a convenient squeeze and pour bottle with built-in measurements, making measuring and diluting a breeze.


Effective for softening and removing calcium, beerstone, and other inorganic soils, leaving your gear clean and sanitary.

Product Highlights:

  • Acid anionic formula
  • Effective for brightening stainless steel
  • Excellent at removing scale and other inorganic soils
  • Economical dilution
  • Can be used in circulation cleaning
  • Can be used to soak parts
  • Can be used to foam for scale removal on equipment exteriors
  • Effectively removes malodors and flavors from equipment
  • Great for keg washing
  • Good for hot or cold water
  • Squeeze and pour packaging makes measuring and mixing solution easy
  • Made in USA
    Additional Information

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    LSR SDS Sheet                 read here

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